Sweet Lectures

Soul Tsunami

Soul Tsunami

Leonard Sweet was a guest lecturer on our campus the past two days.  Last night he spoke on facing storms.  He said the only way to survive a “perfect storm” is to head straight into it; ships that hug the harbor get smashed to pieces.

He wrote the book Soul Tsunami, by the way, ten years ago–before most of us had heard of the word Tsunami.  It was before the tragic Tsunami that hit Indonesia the day after Christmas in 2004; he was not trying to capitalize on that tragedy.

Sweet also said during a storm you have to throw excess cargo and baggage overboard.

I’ve been thinking lately about excess baggage, superfluous stuff.  I have stuff that I’ve saved because I might need it, but I can’t use it because I can’t find it among all the other stuff I’ve been saving.

Of course, there are other kinds of baggage besides physical stuff.  There is emotional baggage, there are activities which may be good–but you can only do so many things without crowding out other things.

This is the year I’m trying to lighten my load.