Scottish Hospitality

Margaret, the Berkely Scott hersel, published a story illustrating the Doric speech of NE Scotland.  Here is a brief excerpt:

Aifter we hid oor fish n’chips, Sybil said she wid affy like a bath. Weel, fit she actually said, wis, “Gee you guys, after all I’ve been through today, I’d really love to soak in a tub!”  But we hidna a bath, an’ the best we wid offer, as Dad said, “Ye kin sweel yer face at the kitchen sink.  Fit’s a’ the wap aboot?  We’ll pit tee the kettle an’ ye kin hae a bowlie o’ het watter.  We, oorels, tak a bath in front o’ the fire on Fridays, an’ changes oor shift.  An’ ye want tae wash yer hair an’ a’?  Losh be here, gin ye dee that, ma quine, ye’ll be smoarin’ wi’ the caul’ the morn!”

You can read more at her site here.  Click on the link to “Scottish Hospitality” for a pdf file of the story, or click on “short excerpt” to hear her narration.

The students in my phonetics class gave reports this morning on their observations of children’s speech.  We all had fun with this project.  We were all glad to learn that all the children were above average–or at least normal for their age.  They were saying things like, “Mor naenas piz” and “Ai wub ju!”