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Orthodox Feminist Hebrew Scribe

The article and You Tube short video is interesting both for the current interest and for what it shows about the ancient scrolls:

Will English Go the Way of Latin

Linguist Nicholas Ostler predicts that although English is gaining speakers world wide, it is not becoming the first language of most of its speakers and will eventually fade in importance.  (Guardian)

World H2O Day is Coming


On the eve of Halloween–

You’ve got to check out this video:


Great link with 3 minute taste of the latest Babylonian exhibit at the British Museum. I think you’ll like it.

Pip, pip, cheerio, Baiba

Lawrence Journal World

Britain’s Latin and Greek aficionados are outraged at a decision by some local councils to veto the use of Latin words and phrases – including bona fide, ad lib, et cetera and e.g. – in official documents.

The councils say Latin is no longer widely understood. But classicists say axing Latin phrases is an attack on the foundations of English – the linguistic equivalent of “ethnic cleansing.”

The council in Bournemouth, a town of 170,000 on England’s south coast, has a “plain language” policy that lists 19 Latin words and phrases to be avoided, and suggests replacements. The council recommends “improvised” instead of ad hoc, and “genuine” for bona fide.

The government at Bournmouth explains their intentions here.

Check out this clip on how we can stop Global Warming.  For more info, go to Green Peace.

Meanwhile, Tabitha sends this link with Garrison Keillor’s thoughts on the current election campaign.

One Day in London (travel tip)
from Baiba

With only a day, the top sight to see is the British Museum, as you are well aware. I might check into the mini tours they give throughout the day. It seems to me you could pick a theme, subject to learn about in depth. It might add to the experience… The Rosetta Stone and mummified cats and Elgin Marbles (everything in the Elgin Marble room) are a must see! If you have the time, I look on-line for a virtual tour of the museum to plan accordingly. There is too much to enjoy in just one day. Then, you’ll have to decide what is important afterwards. There is just too much to do. I would probably suggest simply strolling, popping into the bookstores (several great ones in the area, or used to be), getting a bite to eat. They also have wonderful walking tours of London. You could have an evening walking tour-Jack the Ripper, Sherlock Holmes, Charles Dickens-you name it, they have a walking tour. That might be enjoyable. I enjoyed going to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens and seeing Big Ben from the bridge over the River Thames. I just don’t see how you can do everything in a day. So, your plan to hit the big museum, my favourite in the world, is the best.

* * *

By Erika Hayasaki, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
September 11, 2007

NEW YORK — For lunch in her modest apartment, Madeline Nelson tossed a salad made with shaved carrots and lettuce she dug out of a Whole Foods dumpster. She flavored the dressing with miso powder she found in a trash bag on a curb in Chinatown. She baked bread made with yeast plucked from the garbage of a Middle Eastern grocery store.

Nelson is a former corporate executive who can afford to dine at four-star restaurants. But she prefers turning garbage into gourmet meals without spending a cent.

Freegan trash tour

On this afternoon, she thawed a slab of pate that she found three days before its expiration date in a dumpster outside a health food store. She made buttery chicken soup from another health food store’s hot buffet leftovers, which she salvaged before they were tossed into the garbage.

Nelson, 51, once earned a six-figure income as director of communications at Barnes and Noble. Tired of representing a multimillion dollar company, she quit in 2005 and became a “freegan” — the word combining “vegan” and “free” — a growing subculture of people who have reduced their spending habits and live off consumer waste. Though many of its pioneers are vegans, people who neither eat nor use any animal-based products, the concept has caught on with Nelson and other meat-eaters who do not want to depend on businesses that they believe waste resources, harm the environment or allow unfair labor practices.

In recent years, Internet sites like have posted announcements for trash tours in Seattle, Houston and Los Angeles and throughout England. Some teach people how to dumpster-dive for food, increasing the movement’s popularity. At least 14,000 have taken the trash tour for groceries over the last two years in New York. Another site,, offers lessons for cooking meals from food found in dumpsters, such as spaghetti squash salad. (More)

Here’s a good website:

For safer alternatives to mattresses, baby toys, food, cooking supplies, electronics, you name it.

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