Candy Experts Weigh In

After hearing a radio program discussing the three best and three worst Halloween candies, decided to ask some real experts–my grandchildren. Here’s what Ari and Elijah say about the subject.

Five Best Halloween Candies

1. Kit Kat’s are one of the best candies because they don’t melt easily even though they’re chocolate .
2. M&Ms are god because they are chocolate and they don’t melt, and you get a lot in one packet.
3. Nerds are one of the best Halloween candies because they are small and fill you up.
4. Reese’s are good because even though they melt, you can put them in the freezer and they still taste good when they are Frozen.
5. Snickers are one of the best Halloween candies because they are crunchy and soft.

Five Worst Halloween Candies

1. Tootsie Rolls are the worst because if you have caps on your teeth, they pull them out. Also, they taste bad.
2. Skittles are bad because if you hold the in your hand, they dye your hand.
3. Suckers are bad because they are sticky and they get broken up.
4. Milky ways are very sticky and the caramel can ooze down your shirt and your shirt will be sticky.
5. Jolly Ranchers because if you lay them down they melt into the surface and they are super sticky, and you can’t clean them up.

Healthy Alternatives

1. Apples, Granny Smith because they are very crunchy like skeleton bones. (Dissenting view: If I got an apple, I would throw it out.)
2. Crackers and cheese, or wafer sticks with cheese on the end.
3. Craft snacks: like a spider made out of cookies and pretzels.
4. Pistachios; you can get flavored ones also.
5. Fruit roll-ups because almost all kids like the.

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