Bike Salvation II

Salvation in the Bible ultimately refers to eternal life with God–but there are many references to salvation in a secondary sense; i.e., to healing, wholeness, or deliverance from temporal, this-world dangers.  I am thinking of salvation in this secondary sense, when I speak of “Bike Salvation.”  Riding a bike is one of the keys to my own health and well being, and it could be one of the answers to the dangers facing our planet.

It’s been about five years or more since I saw a program on television about the new superhighways that are being built in China.  One Chinese man proudly announced, “We used to ride bicycles, now we ride motorcycles, soon we will be driving cars.”

The problem is, there are three or four times as many people in China as in the United States, and a similar number in India.  There is not enough oil in the ground to fuel all those cars.  I don’t know if there is enough steel, aluminum, and plastic to build the cars.

We have created the wrong role model for other developing economies.

The most popular material for building bicycles now is carbon fiber–scroll down a little and see the Pinarello beauty.  (I’m old-school, I like steel, but that’s another story.)  So it’s a good thing that all that carbon is being used to build bikes rather than being released into the atmosphere.   My I don’t understand the science here, but it’s got to be a good thing that all those bikes are powered by carbohydrates rather than hydrocarbons.

I’ll be writing a little more in the next few days about my recent adventures with bicycles.

It’s not too late to save the 96

I’ve heard that prolife people are supporting the vote to repeal healthcare on Wednesday.  My suggestion is that we instead rally to help the citizens of Arizona repeal their cut-off of funds for transplants.  Maybe in a show of solidarity each of the other 49 states could pledge 2% of the funding needed.

Does anyone know of any charitable funds to help the transplant patients?  This is a serious question.  I would send a modest contribution, and I’m sure other citizens would.  I know a lot of people have been saying it should be the job of private charities or churches to help poor people get the help they need.

If there is a fund, I would be willing to contribute.