Bike Salvation

This is the bike Tim Tebow should ride.  The bike shop in North Little Rock that offers this frameset for the bargain price of under $3000.00, explains that Italian soccer players have begun including a reference to a Bible verse on their uniforms, and this Pinarello model follows the trend.  Here is what Competitive Cyclist says,

So we did the only logical thing: We Googled “soccer bible verse 4 13” to get a fuller answer to our question and holy smokes we got over 47,000 pages worth of soccer players across the globe all emulating their heroes from AC Milan and Juventus by quoting the same passage on their websites: It’s Philippians 4:13, which reads

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

We never thought in the past about whether Fausto Pinarello was a religious man or not — every time we’ve ever seen him, in fact, he’s dressed for the cover of GQ and his hair is the envy of any man who has ever owned a comb, and such exquisite style is something we wouldn’t ordinarily associate with an intensely religious person.

. . .

The news behind the origin of the F4:13’s name got us thinking about how interesting it is that as religious as Italians have the reputation for being, they never seem to combine their religiousness with the business of building bikes and bike gear. Perhaps it’s simply because Catholicism has very little of the evangelical component you get from, say, the Southern Baptist tradition.

But the utter absence of the connection — except, perhaps, for Ernesto Colnago famously giving Pope John Paul a Arabesque frameset with a Campy 50th Anniversary gruppo in the late 70’s — is pretty interesting. If anyone has any ideas about this silence, we’re all ears. We’re at a loss for an answer.

Tim Tebow painted the same verse under his eyes in 2008.  He has used a variety of other verses over the past three years.