Your Chance to Save the Farm

Any entrepreneurs out there who like fresh, wholesome, local food?

Iwig family dairy is selling stock to raise money so they can avoid for closure.  They need to sell about 60 shares (at $500.00) per share by July 23rd.  If they do, the bank has agreed to work with them.

We just entertained are grandchildren, and they love the chocolate milk (and the regular too.)  It is as rich as a good chocolate shake.

We enjoy walking a few blocks with Elijah and Ariana to the Alma creamery, where they sell Iwig milk and other dairy products, such as butter and ice cream that makes Ben and Jerry’s taste like some cheap generic brand.

The mega corporate dairies are making huge profits while small operations are struggling because the wholesale prices have fallen through the floor, while the retail prices are still high.

Investing in Iwig would be a risk–more like a charitable contribution with a chance of getting your investment back.  They say you should definitely not buy stock if you can’t afford the risk.

I hope those who can, will take the risk.

Checkout Iwig’s website for more details.

Gamblers Challenge:  Anyone who was planning to go to the casinos this weekend, why not bet on the dairy instead?

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