It’s Not Funny Anymore

I filed my taxes on April 14 this year.  I don’t enjoy paying taxes, but I do my duty.

You can understand why the anti-tax tea party crowd is popular.  But they’ve had their fun and it’s time to get serious and face reality.  We’ve run out of nonessential programs to cut and we’ve almost run out of creative ways to tax the poor.

While our state politicians are bragging that they have voted for more tax cuts than their opponents, they are also closing schools and releasing dangerous criminals early.  In my county there are plans to close schools on Fridays next year.  They will save a small amount by cutting the hours of the lowest paid employees–maintenance workers, bus drivers, teacher’s aids, cafeteria staff.  Working parents will have to find childcare on Fridays–or leave their latch-key kids to fend for themselves.

The local university has a freeze on all faculty positions that are not externally funded.  Meanwhile, tuition keeps rising to compensate for cuts in state funding.  Education has always been the way out of poverty.  It is getting harder and harder for underprivileged youth to take that path.

There’s no free war and no free deregulation.  The trillions of dollars in debt accumulated during the past decade have to be paid for–without dismantling our educational system and turning this into a third-world country.

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