Big Hopes for a Little Bang

The atom smasher in Switzerland is up and running–and scientists are excited to report,

We have a collision!

After 25 years and $10 billion dollars, the superconductor smashed to atoms together releasing energy the equivalent of

“two mosquitoes colliding together.”

Scientists  hope it will provide answers to questions about the creation of the universe, about who we are, and why we are here.  This is pure research, not designed to solve any problems or produce any tangible benefits.

Some will criticize the expense, but I think pure, theoretical research is important.  The fact that so much effort and expense has been put into this project shows how important questions about origins are.

One scientist said,

“This is a Genesis machine. It’ll help to recreate the most glorious event in the history of the universe.”

I agree that the moment of creation was a glorious event; I would call it the second most glorious event in the history of the universe.

The most glorious event in the history of the universe is the one we will celebrate this Sunday.