Government Takeover of Cheeseburgers

Now those bureaucrats in Washington are going to force us to be informed about how many calories are in our Big Macs and Double-Quad Bakonator triple cheeseburgers.

I’d like to start a campaign to “Take back our menu!”, but uhm, my Doctor says I need to trim my waistline, reduce my intake of fat grams and reduce carbohydrates at the same time.  Who would have thought my own family doctor is part of the great conspiracy?

But there’s another reason I’m not going to start a crusade to defend the beleaguered burger.  I think our political discourse is already too confrontational.  There’s too much name calling and hysteria out there.

Would it strike you as odd if the news reported on “Gandhi Militia” who called themselves “patriots” and were determined to murder police officers?

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like domestic terrorists calling themselves Christians.  Do you think we could sue them for brand infringement?

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