How (Not) to Pick a Church

Radio personality Glenn Beck doesn’t say you have to join his church and become a Mormon, he simply says you should run from any church that has the words “social justice” in its website.  He says “social justice” are code words for Nazi, Fascist, and Communist policies.

The conservative Christian magazine Christianity Today disagrees on what social justice means.  CT says it is simply the application of Christian principles of compassion, fairness, and human rights–beliefs that come from the heart of the gospel.

Maybe the word “social” is redundant.  Justice implies conditions involving more than one person, and so is inherently social.  The prophet Micah declared there are only three things God requires,

To do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.

Amos, another prophet from the 8th century before Christ declared,

Let justice roll on like a river.

Jesus criticized those who obsessed over the observance of religious minutiae, but neglected the weightier maters of the law:

justice, faithfulness, and mercy.

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