Bread now, Bibles later

Lipscomb University in Nashville is named after a minister who served in that city after the civil war.  He received offers from northern brethren to send Bibles during the post-war recovery period.  He said, “Send bread now, Bibles later.”

Haiti needs bread, water, medicine, tents, now.  Later they will need engineers, builders, construction crews, to build houses, clinics, and schools.  The schools will need textbooks, including Bibles.

I also think our first response should be to help now and then ask theological questions later.  And realistically, the best way to help now is to send money to organizations that are already there on the ground.

Questions of “why?” are easy to answer in terms of geology and physical science, politics, and economics–in terms of the divine purpose, they are harder.  The question of “where” God was and is, is also easy to answer.  God is present with the suffering people of Haiti, and he is present in the people who are there to help.

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