Less Stuff Next Christmas

I have decided to make an earnest attempt to buy less mass produced, battery operated stuff next year for Christmas presents.  One thing I might give is chickens, cows, goats or buffaloes–through charitable organizations to poor families around the world, in the name of one of my loved ones.

I am also going to try to buy hand-made local craft items.  And I may try to make some gifts of my own.

I’ll tell you in twelve months how successful the plan turns out to be.

2 Responses

  1. I think that’s a great idea; the gifts I appreciate most tend to be homemade, original, and fair trade. I also feel that I’m more conscious of appreciating gifts when they’re consciously made.

    I’m sure you have many sites you frequent, but here are a few I like, also:


  2. ETSY! One of my favorites.
    If you want to help make this a more family-supported “tradition” (for lack of better terminology), I’d love to help!

    …i can almost volunteer kory, claudia, brandy and my dad! …and even eric, sarah, tabby, heidi, sonja, etc…. for this, too. 🙂

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