Aunt Norma

Our family lost my aunt, my father’s sister, Norma Snowberg, passed away this week.  The family has asked me to have the services Tuesday, December 22.

Aunt Norma was a strong woman.  There was never any doubt as to where she stood on any issue.  She grew up in the depression, the oldest sister in a large family.  She learned responsibility early, taking care of her younger sisters and brothers.

She married young; she and uncle Monty were both teenagers.  In fact, he told me they had to drive to Missouri for the wedding, because he was too young in Illinois.  I can imagine if you asked her why they married so young, she would have said,

We were in love, we had found our life partners, and we didn’t have any reason to wait.   When you find the love of your life, you get married.  When you get married you stay married.

I don’t think she would say people who have made a terrible mistake should stay married.  But she and uncle Monty were both committed to the marriage and to each other.  They loved and respected each other.  They moved forward and never looked back.

He was drafted within a few months after their marriage.  The expected draft was another reason for their early marriage.  If he didn’t come back, they would rather have a few months together than nothing.  They had 65 years together.

She found a church and became an active member wherever she lived.  I think she might also say,

If you believe in God, you go to church.  If you go to church, you support the church and do your part.

My cousins say there mom liked order and rules, but she also believed in freedom–she never liked to see an animal in a cage or in chains.  She was a housewife, homemaker and mother.  She enjoyed those roles and put all her energy and creativity into fulfilling them.  She was a modern woman, though, she would never expect the younger generation to be confined to traditional roles.

Uncle Monty was a home builder.  Aunt Norma took an active interest in his business.  When they came to visit us in Memphis about ten years ago, she had me drive her around the new construction sites to check out the work there.

I always enjoyed hearing stories of my elders and ancestors from her.  I will have to call on my cousins now to fill in any of the stories I have missed.