Interesting Links

I enjoyed reading Michael Pollan’s Botany of Desire a couple years ago.  The part about runaway speculation on Tulip Bulbs in Holland in the 19th century was fascinating.  In the chapter on marijuana, I think he exaggerate the comparison with cats and catnip.  Our cat Annie enjoys rolling in the catnip plant–but she doesn’t get stoned and she doesn’t lose all ambition to chase mice.  Still, I recommend the book and I’m looking forward to reading Pollan’s Carnivore’s Dilemma.  PBS has a video special on the Botany of Desire. Thanks to Baiba for the link.

Another link comes from Ursula of the Wabaunsee Book Club.  If you want to know who is funding your local politicians, go to Follow the Money.

If you are still wavering on rather global warming is a real problem, Dave Black has provided a link to a BBC page that gives the Pro’s and Cons.