Haskel’s Passing

My father-in-law Haskel passed away last night around midnight–the same night Senator Ted Kennedy succumbed to his illness.  I will be traveling to Arkansas for the service this weekend.

Haskel was Sonja’s step-father.  Actually Maxine and Haskel started dating about the same time Sonja and I did.  They were married a few months before we were.

He had been advised of his choices for care in his final days, and he received good care.

Sonja and her sisters are with Maxine now.  I will be traveling with our two daughters to the memorial service.  Our youngest daughter Heidi was able to see Haskel this past weekend.  She had made the trip with Sonja, and they returned back in the wee hours of the morning Monday.

2 Responses

  1. Mark,
    Sorry to hear about this. We will keep you, Sonja and the family in our prayers.

    The Thompsons

  2. Thanks for your prayers and concern. Sonja will be traveling back to Mountain Home this weekend to spend the long Labor Day weened with her mother.

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