Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

The day before Easter Sunday we helped Alex and Margaret burn the pastures.  Not a scorched-earth tactic, it is actually an environmentally friendly, natural way of managing the prairie.

Alex and Margaret send this message:

EatingWell This Week

Happy Earth Day All!!        Do something green today- recycle if you are not, drive less-walk or bike more, take your sack lunch,
pick up someone else’s litter, Carry on the spirit!!!!
It can start a snowball effect!!!!!
Margaret participated in the first Earth Day, back in 1971.  She was a student back then, full of youth, energy, and idealism.  She still has those same qualities, to which she has also added wisdom.

2 Responses

  1. Saw an interesting article about car-free communities I thought you might like:

  2. Thanks Daniel,

    Send me an email some time and update me on what you have been up to.

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