Announcing the IBF

gospel-globeMy colleague the Vagabond Professor and I like to give visual-aid assignments to our students.  The photo above is one of my students, Kasey,  with his Gospel Globe.  I have in my office a replica of the Moabite Stone, some Egyptian papyrii, and the bulla from the seal belonging to Jeremiah’s scribe Baruch.

Since creating replicas can be a valuable educational experience for students, today we announce the founding of the Institute for Biblical Forgeries, the IBF.  The IBF will include a lab for the fabrication of authentic facsimiles, a greenhouse for growing papyrus, a clay pit for mining cuneiform tablet grade clay, a scriptorium, a pottery wheel, a bronze smelter, and other necessary technology for producing authentic facsimiles.

We are negotiating with the College of Agriculture at Kansas State University on the prospect of breeding parchment-grade livestock.  The Department of Genetics has also expressed an interested in research on the feasibility of splicing caprine genes into strawberries with the aim of producing vegan parchment.

In addition to producing replicas for educational purposes, the IBF will sponsor an annual colloquium for the serious purpose of studying the phenomena of actual forgeries in classical antiquities, ancient art, and biblical-related studies.  A world class team of experts will be invited as participants.

Finally, a generous bequest by the Bernie and Ruth Madoff Foundation, will make possible the construction of the Museum of Biblical Forgeries.  Scholars are currently investigating future acquisitions.  According to Beni Eretz,

We want to be absolutely certain we are dealing with a genuine forgery before we make the acquisition.  It would be a real embarrasment to find out something on display as a forgery turned out to be authentic.

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