Planet Earth–Unplugged

Here’s a verbal cartoon–I don’t have the time or patience to draw actual cartoons, but sometimes I come up with ideas for one.  So here’s one:

A guy sitting at a computer desk calls his local utility company and says,

Hey, could you throw an extra lump of coal on for me?

Sure, but, uh, why?

I’m going to leave my computer on all night; I just don’t feel like shutting it down.

OK, buddy you’ve got it, one extra lump of coal.

Any volunteers to illustrate?  OK, here’s a better idea.  A friend forwarded this to us:

On March 28, 2009 at 8:30 pm your time, TURN OFF ALL YOUR LIGHTS for 1 HOUR. I plan to include everything but my fridge and freezer, no TV, no computers, no radios, etc. It will be like a wave of turned off lights across the world, for one hour. If you visit this site it will tell of the business, governments and citizens across the world that have and will participate again this year.  It started with 2.2 million people in 2008 in Australia and has grown to over 100 million. I think we should do this every month on the 28th. I joined this group on Facebook. I am  not debating climate change, for or against. Just that worldwide we can stand together for a good cause, our planet and less energy consumption. If the energy companies lose a few dollars in the process, well, that’s a big bonus.