Free TV

So, they found a way to send the television signal over the air instead of through a cable.  Who’d have thought it–wireless TV!

I’m walking through the parking lot of Big Lots and this guy steps out of the shadows beside a van and says,

“Hey buddy, let me show you something.”

“Sorry, I don’t need any gold chains.”

“No, no.  How’d you like to watch TV free?

“No way!”

“Yea man.  You just plug your antenna into one of these little converter boxes, and you’ve got instant Hi-Def TV.  And you don’t have to pay nobody.”

“Oh sure, and next you’re gonna tell me it’s all legal.”

“Look, these little boxes normally sell for $50.00 bucks, but I’ll let mine go for $29.00.  It’s the last one, and I’m willing to take a loss so I can go home and watch I Love Lucy with my kids.”

So I tried it.   I went to Radio Shack and got an antenna and spent the day Saturday finding the best spot to place it on my roof, ran the cable into the converter box, and then into the TV–and sure enough–free TV.  My wife was able to watch the Wildcats pull off an upset victory in overtime while I was ratcheting down the final bolts for the antenna mount.

So here I am, in Wabaunsee County, surrounded by the Flint Hills, channel surfing with 9 channels and no cable bill.