Fun with Funetics

I am having fun and learning along with my students in the phonetics class I am teaching this semester.  Here are some online resources we have found, if you also find language fascinating:

The University of Iowa has a really nice online phonetics tutorial for English, German, and Spanish.  Just click on the German flag, and you can see a diagram of the speech organs, along with a closeup of a native speaker, and audio for the individual sounds of the language, and representative words.  Thanks to my student Megan Baehr for finding this resource.  The Speech Accent Archive contains samples of dialects of English from all around the world.  You can hear a sample paragraph spoken by people from Huron, South Dakota, to Kathmandu (Well, I did find Kabul, Afghanastan, anyway.)  Click on “Browse” and then the Atlas.  A sound sample is given along with transcription in the International Phonetic Alphabet.

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