Tragedy in Port Au Prince


While Americans were celebrating the selection of the first president of African descent last week, the tragic collapse of a school for poor children in Port Au Prince, Haiti, brought grief to that island.

“No one cares about the children, living or dead,”

one furious father of children in the collapsed school outside of Port au Prince, Haiti, swore Sunday in an interview.

“No one has come to provide any counseling to the children and families who survived. Nothing has been done for the families whose children died. The children now have no school and no books. They are sick and have nightmares. Government officials and people from all the NGOs, they all come, take pictures, make speeches and they leave us with nothing. We need action!”  (More)

Some of the people are blaming the minister of the church which ran the school, and he has received threats.  Most of the people in the community, though, blame the government for indifference, corruption, and lax oversight of construction standards.

One father cried out,

Justice in courts in Haiti exists only for the people in the government and the people with money. When you are poor, your justice is in the Bible and in Jesus alone.”

Save the Children is one of many relief organizations helping out in Haiti.  The Mennonites have also been doing good work in Haiti for a long time and are well respected by the Haitian people.  Some of you may know of other organizations that are helping.  Who do you recommend partnering with?