Name Change?

When I started this thing, I didn’t know much about the format, layout, etc–I just signed up for a WordPress account and I had to pick a name–right now–so I started with “Faith and Alternatives.”  I kind of liked that, but I thought maybe it was a little confusing.  So I switched to “Faith Matters.”  That’s sort of what it’s about, but I don’t know, it sounds kind of bland.  I would like to use “Altercation” but “Cousin Eric” already uses that–and I don’t really think I enjoy a good fight as much as he does.  I thought about “Alteration” but then that would sound like a sewing site–So I’m trying out for now, “Alternation.”

What do you think?  About changing the name–does it just confuse things?  Is it unimportant?

And about the subject–of alter-nation:  Are we really a new nation?  Did the election alter everything? Are we now officially beyond racism?

Out of Many One

On the “Friends Finds” page, Baiba passes on a piece from the Lawrence Journal World about a town in England wanting to eliminate Latin phrases, for example e.g., ad hoc, etc. and the other ones.

I did notice that President-Elect Obama substituted a translation of e pluribus unum in his speech.

I wonder if we should replace the Latin-derrived “senator” with “old guy”?

I don’t mind simplifying legal jargon, but I say, let’s keep the language alive by teaching Latin poetry in school.

(For a list of latin sayings try this site.)

Sunt lacrimae rerum.