A wee bit mair fonetiks

I’m enjoying my phonetics class.  This is an easy week for me; my students are giving reports.  Today we heard about Korean, Kiswahili, German, and Hindi.  Megan introduced us to an online tutorial from the University of Iowa.  It includes a graphic display of the organs of speech in action, plus audio and video of a real speaker.  You can see examples in Spanish, German, or American English (here)

My new found blogging friend Berkeleyscot also posted a comment in Doric Scots today on her site (here):

Far aboot’s the Mannie Bush and his wee chum, Cheney?

They’re nithin bit big Jessies. The Country an the world is a geen tae Hell, an they’re doon in their bunker.

Fit we need is a BANKER ye twits – nae a BUNKER.

It would be nice if she could include an audio link so we could hear her.