A Reader Comments on Unions

(My friend Alex sent this response via email.  By the way, it is now easier to post a comment.  Just click on Comments, give an email address and a first name.)

Mark, a good blog about unions: My grandfather worked for link belt as a millwright for 30 some years, and six months before retirement they fired him telling that they did not have to pay him a pension if they fired him.  It broke his heart and he died about two years later.

The Kennedys a few years later got some legislation passed to try and protect non union workers. I am union as you well know and would not have it any other way.  I do not trust any big business, as the wall street banking scandal can attest to.

But even my union can have its problems, as our last union president squandered away 600 million dollars of our pension fund before being kicked out. My pension is now only 75% of what it could have been…

Greed and lack or morals or just plain lack of morals is the problem that christians or people of faith can only solve. Enough for now.

Oh I do believe that Obama is our best choice, but we cannot always have everything we want in a candidate. The Palin lady is in no way presidential material and, as far as I am concerned, is not even a good parent.

Later Alex

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