That’s Disrespectful

Maybe I’m naive, but I assume people’s good intentions until proven otherwise.  I assume senators McCain and Obama are both honorable, decent men with a genuine desire to serve their country.  But now that the race is coming down to the wire, the campaigns on both sides have started slinging a little mud.

Senator Obama commented that trying to put the Republican party’s failed economic policies in a good light is like putting lipstick on a pig.

What were you thinking, Senator Obama?  How do you expect to get the votes of Iowa hog farmers if you go on insulting their pigs like that?

(By the way, if you like images of pigs–check out Kerfuffles.)

While Condaleza Rice was meeting with Moamar Kadafi, Bill O’Reilly was interviewing senator Obama.  I watched a few minutes of the interview/attempted ambush.  Mr. No-Spin kept trying to indict candidate Obama for his associations.  He kept saying, “you’re comfortable being around some pretty radical people.”

It seems to me, anyone who works in inner city, poverty-stricken areas is going to run into some angry, bitter people.  Anyone who tries to bring diverse groups of people together for the common good is going to associate with some controversial people.  I’m sure Chuck Colson, in his work in prisons, has associated with some unsavory characters.  But Mr. Fair and Balanced kept smiling and interrupting, trying to nail Barack for his associations.

Earlier in the day O’Reilly had criticized those who criticized governor Palin’s church affiliation.  He said as long as they aren’t hurting anybody,  it’s nobody’s business.  I tend to agree with that.  I love the pastor of my own church, for example, but (no disrespect intended) I wouldn’t want to be held accountable for every remark he ever made in a sermon.  And, even though he has allowed me to cover for him when he was away on vacation–I’m sure he would say the same about me.

I’m pretty suspicious of conspiracy theories myself.  But if my ancestors had been kidnapped and forced into slavery, if I had counseled people who had experienced police brutality or profiling,  and people who had experienced discrimination in other forms, I might be a little more cynical.  In light of the Tuskeegee experiment, I might even suspect the government of having something to do with AIDS.

There is disrespectful distortion of the candidates’ words and positions on both sides.  Sarah Palin has been misquoted as saying that the war in Iraq is God’s work.  What she actually said was we should pray for those in uniform that they do God’s work.  A prayer for something and a claim that it has been accomplished are two different things.

If governor Palin slashed funding for teen mothers in Alaska, on the other hand, that is fair game.  It is a matter of policy not personality.  If Obama is committed to his party’s position on abortion, that also is a matter of policy.

2 Responses

  1. Have you seen the latest Palin Paraphernalia???

  2. Two Americas, my friend.
    What’s good for the hockey-mom isn’t necessarily good for the uppity community worker.
    I know it’s despicable, but we live in a country full of O’Reilly types.

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