The Real Beowulf


Beowulf is one of the epics I will be teaching in Lithuania. In brushing up and getting ready, I’ve found that there is a lot of good information online–so if you can’t go with me to Klaipeda but are interested in learning about the old Dane, here are some places you can go for a virtual class:

Evidently the movie with Angelina Jolie contains several distortions of the original story. Christian Movie Reviews writes about the ugliness of the new Beowulf movie. A friend who saw the movie referred to what he called “Barbie-doll porn,” i.e., an animated version of Angelina Jolie doing nude scenes.

On the otherĀ  side of the river, though, the reviewer says the 3-D animation is technically not disappointing. I don’t think I will be using the movie in my course.

Some of the best things on the web are labors of love by amateurs, or at least individuals who are willing to donate their expertise. Syd Allen has collected excerpts from 100 translations of Beowulf here. Benjamin Slade’s site has an amazing wealth of material here.

On the other hand, Pace University offers an interdisciplinary course here, and the photo above comes from the University of Nevada, Reno’s wealth of “Resources for the study of Beowulf.”

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