What Some Others Are Saying

We are getting used to Spanish as the second language in our country.  In Great Britain Arabic has that role.  You may have heard about the Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent remarks about the future place of Sharia law in England (here).  N.T. Wright explains that many people have misrepresented what Archbishop Rowan has said about a very complex issue (here).

Eboo Patel writes about the first time he visited Jim Wallis here.  Wallis has been urging Christians to get involved in finding practical solutions to problems of poverty, disease, and global climate change.  Patel says,

“Nothing substitutes for Jim Wallis in the pulpit (or, if you’re lucky, in a personal conversation on his porch), but his new book, The Great Awakening, comes pretty close.”

We live in a changing world.  Adapting to new neighbors is a challenge.  Hatred, fear, and suspicion are not the answers.