Sad Day

We just returned from the visitation and funeral of the teenage daughter of good friends of ours.  Christina may have been text-messaging when she had her accident.  The records showed she had sent four messages while driving to school that morning.

There may have also been some ice on the road–maybe the text messages were just a coincidence.  I’m not trying to establish blame; she was a good kid, and it was a tragic accident.

She was a popular kid and had lots of friends; we estimated that over a thousand came to the service.  The outpouring of support from family, friends, community, school, and church was comforting to our friends.

The minister who conducted the service was Christina’s former youth minister and a former student of mine, Kyle.  Coincidentally I remember a conversation I had a few years ago with my brother-in-law who works with Kyle’s father.  Kyle’s father was concerned that he had not chosen a more financially rewarding career.  I said at the time, “he will influence a lot of young people and be there for them at important times in their lives.”

It seem so innocent, multi-tasking, keeping in touch with friends.  The consequences are all out of proportion to the gravity of the offense.

Someone who knew nothing about Christina sent me a link this week about texting-and-driving.  It included graphic and disturbing images of accident victims.  I decided not to post the link.

I suppose I will be a little less judgmental about drunk drivers.  Driving while drowsy (which I’ve been guilty of) and driving while distracted (who hasn’t done it?) are also dangerous.   So I’m just saying, let’s be careful out there.  Don’t take any unnecessary chances.