Good Role Model for Kids

The more I think about it, you can’t blame our president for the epidemic of obesitybush-bike.jpg among young people.  He is a good role model for physical fitness.  The president jogs, rides his mountain bike regularly, and clears brush at his Crawford ranch.

Anyone who rides a mountain bike is alright, in my book.

A couple years ago a writer for USA Today went for a ride with the president.  According to the author, “the truth about the Biker-in-Chief is that the man can really ride.”

The article also said the president’s fitness level as rated as being in the top 1% of men in his age group.  (USA Today 8/13/2005 here).

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  1. That’s awesome! I was recently reading an interview between the Bush family and a magazine (can’t recall which) and Jenna was telling the interviewer how her parents did not allow her to have sugar until her 1st birthday (her birthday cake) and it was very limited after that. She picked up good habits for eating, especially organically, through them. Elijah didn’t have sugar until his 1st birthday, right? Or did he?

  2. I don’t think Elijah had any sugar before his 1st birthday, unless a well-meaning relative sneaked him a little something. But I think he has been doing pretty well. Thanks for reading.

  3. Mark,

    I have not blogged in Theological French in a long time. I have been quite busy here, working on some small projects. I shall resume posting soon. I was wondering if you live in Texas? I am moving in the Dallas/Irving area to attend The University of Texas at Dallas to do PhD studies. I’ll teach you some haitian creole if you are around:)

  4. Lou,

    It’s good to hear from you. I live about 500 miles from Dallas, in Kansas. I don’t have any immediate plans to get down there, but if I do I will look you up. We have a small academic conference here in October (I believe the dates will be Oct 17-18). Come on up and present a paper, if you can get free.

    Are you studying theology or Bible–or something else?

    I’d like to learn a little creole. I remember a little bit: Pa pale creol! Pa gen pwoblem. Pa pi mal.

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