Don’t Touch That Ball!

Claudia Our niece Claudia is in Miami, getting ready for the Orange Bowl. She is a manager for the Jayhawks football team.

The last time the Jawhawks made it to the Orange Bowl was 1969, so this is a big event. Claudias sisters and her mom and dad will be joining her for the game.

Claudia is working her way through school; she plans to become a sports journalist, last I heard. Students have a way of changing majors, but I’m sure she will continue to follow her interests in sports and literature. Coach Mangino caught her sitting in the grass, leaning on the goalpost, and reading a book recently during a lull in practice. He congratulated her on her love for reading.

My only advice to Claudia is “Don’t touch that ball!”

Did you see the Holiday Bowl the other day between Texas and Arizona State? Chris Jessie, stepson of Texas Coach Mack Brown, is a team manager like Claudia. Chris got so caught up in the game that when a ball came bouncing toward him he reached out to catch it–then realizing it was still in play, he jerked his hands back. He swears he didn’t touch it, but from the referee’s vantage point it was interference–and cost his team a touchdown. (more here)

Texas managed to win the game, so he can go home and expect nothing more than a little teasing and unexpected fame. Had the game ended otherwise he might have had to move to another state.

So Claudia, enjoy the game–but please don’t touch the ball!