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When I was a kid both sets of my grandparents lived on farms, and I assumed everyone’s grandparents lived on farms. So natural I assumed everyone had seen farm animals. I thought it was comical when I went to the zoo and saw a section of farm animals. I thought, “You come to a zoo to see zebras, lions and tigers. If you want to see chickens, ducks, pigs, and cows, you just go to your grandparents farm.”

Then my parents told me there were people in big cities like New York who had never seen chickens, pigs, and cows. How strange, I thought.

Some of you who live in mountainous states are familiar with scenic overlooks. I remember traveling through the Shenandoah Valley in the Blue Ridge Mountains a few years ago. We stopped at all the scenic overlooks; some of the views were breathtaking.

We do have some breathtaking views in Kansas, especially in the flint hills where I live. National Geographic did a beautiful spread in April. Out by Dodge City, it’s not exactly the view that takes your breath away.

When we drove through Dodge last year, I was surprised to see the scenic overlook sign (above). Then I remembered the culturally deprived New Yorkers who have never seen cows. I imagined a family driving through and stopping at the scenic overlook. The dad says, “Kids, behind us is the saloon where Marshal Dillon visited with Miss Kitty, and in front of us–those are cows; thousands and thousands of cows.”

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