big-spring.jpgNo deep theology today. Our family just got back from an annual vacation trip at the Current River in Missouri. (Pictures courtesy of The group totaled about 37 family and friends.



Apart from a couple of bad sunburns, everyone survived the trip in good shape.

Our grandson enjoyed slapping the water and the river. He also discovered the moon and enjoyed pointing it out and saying “Moon, Moon!” He also likes trees . Elijah is 14 months old and loves the outdoors. I will have some pictures of him soon on the “Mark” page.

We had a good time reminiscing with our cousins Charlie, Kathy, and Mary Lynn.

I always enjoy making up songs, improvising new lyrics to old tunes. Nephews helped me with “Take me home, Jolly Cone, to the place I belong. South Missouri, Ozark Mama, take me home, Jolly Cone.”

We did have a brief church service at the campsite Sunday morning. We sat in a circle under a Sycamore tree. I spoke about Zachaeus and the text in Luke 19 “Today salvation has come to this house.” Salvation for Zachaeus meant he was restored to a relationship with God; his sins were forgiven and he had the assurance of entering the presence of God when he died. It also meant he was restored to the community of God’s people. “He too is a child of Abraham.” Salvation also meant that Zachaeus volunteered to be a part of God’s program of repairing the world. “Behold, I give half of my money to the poor.” Zachaeus now had a purpose in life beyond merely accumulating wealth.

I could have come up with a meditation on Heraclitus, who said you can’t step in the same river twice. When we were talking about danger spots in the river (downed trees and so forth), my brother Kerry commented, “well the river is never the same,” and that is true.


Later my young nephew Dylan commented, “we know this river like the back of our hand.” That is also true. Our family has been camping and floating the river at the same spot for over 15 years. There is both continuity and change, in our family, and in the river.