Is There No Difference?

Manson Amish Girls



Mother TeresaML King

mosque bombing



Child bleeding



For two-hundred years the question was “Is it True?”

Is there a God? Is there a reason we are here? Is there any hope for a better world? Is there any hope beyond the grave? Is one religion more true than another?

Jimmy C building Now many believe all religions are the same; they are all evil. There is no difference between a mother who teaches her children, “Jesus loves the little children, all the children in the world. Red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in his sight”–no difference between this and teaching lonely, hormone-filled teenagers they can have seventy virgins if they blow themselves up in the war against the infidels.

For me faith means following Jesus in the way of love. Anything else is bad religion.

2 Responses

  1. Hi professor, nice post. The images you’ve selected are pretty powerful when you think of them as representing a “cross-section” of what humanity is like and what they believe in.

    Anyway, i think that on an intellectual level honesty requires us to admit that something is indeed “true” or “truer” than the rest, b/c to affirm relativism is to be consumed by it; the very unavoidability of social construction nullifies any genuine assertion of it. This is all well and good.

    However, a stronger argument for the validity of this is that we simply can’t live like we believe that nothing is true. It is simply absurd. No one wakes up and looks at two boxes, one labeled “Wheaties,” and one labeled “Rat Poison,” and is indifferent to which box they empty into their cereal bowl. We don’t tell the surgeon that “it doesn’t really matter where you cut, b/c it is all relative.”

    I think that as a culture we are ready to affirm something is true again. It seems now that modernity’s skepticism has run its course through, questioning even the validity of hard sciences, we are ready to erase the board and start over, reexamining whether or not there really is something to live (and die) for. I think that it’s a great time to be a Christian.

  2. bad religion has some good music though 🙂

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